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LiveTex as a customer engagement platform

LiveTex is a customer support and sales platform, available in online chats, mobile apps, social media, messengers, email, feedback forms, and chatbots.

JAICP supports LiveTex integrations to connect it either as a customer engagement platform or as a prompter.

To use LiveTex as your customer engagement platform:

  1. Configure the Messaging API access point.
  2. Create the customer engagement platform.
  3. Connect it to the inbound channel.

Configure the access point

Sign in to your LiveTex platform dashboard as an account administrator. Open the Settings tab.

On the Settings tab, go to Contact points. Click Add to add a new point. In the subsequent window, select Messaging API as your contact point type, specify the new point name, and click Add. The new point will be added in the upper row of the table.

Then specify the accounts of the agents who will be processing the conversations switched from the bot. To do this, click Edit next to the newly created contact point This will bring up the Message routing page, and a group will be automatically created on that page where you can add your agent accounts. To do this, click Create and select your employee contact.

Then go back to the Contact points page. Copy the access key by clicking Access key > Copy.

Create a channel

Sign in to JAICP and go to your project. Click Channels > Customer engagement platforms > Connect channel in the control panel. Select LiveTex.

Fill out the following fields:

  • Name — specify the channel name.
  • API key — insert the access key copied when configuring the access point.

Add groups for switching. To do this, click Add group and fill out the following fields:

  • First name — the name used when generating the switch message in the destination field.
  • Name — agent group description.
  • Ids — name of the group on the LiveTex platform.

Connect the channel

Select an already created inbound channel from the list to which you want to connect the customer engagement platform. Switch to the channel editing window. Select LiveTex in the Agent field and click Save.

Transfer to the agent

Use $response.replies.push with the switch type to transfer the conversation to an agent in the script.

An agent will have to disconnect a client in LiveTex to bring the bot back into the dialog. The dialog with the bot will not continue automatically. To resume the script, the client will need to send the bot a new message.