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Outbound communications

JAICP bots usually work in inbound mode: users initiate the communication, while the bot processes their messages and sends responses in the same channel. However, you can design your bot in such a way that it proactively initiates conversations with users and delivers messages to them.

Outbound text and call campaigns

Text and call campaigns are the main tools for automating outbound communications. They operate based on client lists uploaded to JAICP.

Refer to the Call campaign tutorial to learn more about developing and launching outbound campaigns in the phone channel.

Bot reactions to external events

The built-in $pushgate JavaScript service allows triggering the bot script via external events as well as requests from users. Such events may be:

Messaging from the bot script

During the dialog, bots can also send messages through other communication media.

MediumScript implementation
EmailThe Email tag or the $mail built-in service
SMSThe Sms tag or the sms reply type