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Telephony is a JAICP tool that allows the comprehensive automation of inbound and outbound calls.

During a call the bot converses with the client in natural language. The call outcome is recorded as a recognized decision of the user: agreement or refusal, confirmation, request to stop calling, etc. As a result of the campaign, analytics are produced with details on the outcome of each call.

To start a call campaign:

  1. Configure telephony.
  2. Load in a list of numbers to call.
  3. Configure a telephone channel.
  4. Create and launch the call campaign.

Bot script

The JS API included in JAICP provides the $dialer built-in service. See its description to know about all telephony features that you can control from the script.

The following features should also be kept in mind while developing the bot script:

Calls API

JAICP provides the Calls API to work with outbound telephony.

The API provides the following capabilities:

  • Adding phone numbers with parameters to the campaign.
  • Canceling previously created call jobs.
  • Obtaining reports by call job ID or by phone number.
  • Starting, pausing, resuming, and stopping the campaign.