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A prompter is a bot that joins a conversation between a client and an agent and provides the agent with answers to client questions in real time.

A prompter bot does not communicate with the client directly but rather answers his or her questions by sending the answers to a special channel for the agent.

A prompter in an agent workplace:

  • Analyses the client’s question.
  • Suggests possible answers to the agent.
  • Ranks options and suggests the best answer.

The prompter helps the agent to find answers faster and increases the throughput of the support service. Using a prompter can be the first phase of creating an optimized knowledge base.

A prompter trained by the agents in the course of normal work can be converted seamlessly to a FAQ bot that will answer clients’ common questions. This approach to bot implementation minimizes the risks of a client getting a wrong answer.

This communication method is available in the following channels: LiveTex, ZenDesk.