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JivoChat as a customer engagement platform

JivoChat is an online consulting web service. It provides a business messenger that can be used to interact with clients on the website, social media, messengers, over phone and email.

To use JivoChat as a customer engagement platform:

  1. Create a channel in JAICP.
  2. Set up the JivoChat service.
  3. Enable the channel.
  4. Implement switching to an agent in the script.

Create a channel

  1. Sign in to JAICP and go to your project.

  2. Click Channels → Connect channel in the Customer engagement platforms section.

  3. Select the JivoChat channel.

  4. Fill out the following fields:

    • Name — specify the channel name or keep the default one.
    • External API Endpoint — leave this field empty for now.
  5. Click Create.

  6. Click next to the name of the newly created channel and select Edit channel. You are now in the channel settings.

  7. Copy the value from the Internal Webhook Url field. You will need the webhook endpoint to configure the JivoChat service.

Configure JivoChat

  1. Sign in to your JivoChat dashboard.

  2. Select Manage → Channels on the sidebar.

  3. In the Connect new channels section, select Connect a chat to your app or service.

  4. Fill out the following fields:

    • Channel name — specify the channel name.
    • Your webhooks server URL — paste the value copied from the Internal Webhook Url field earlier when you were creating the channel.
    • Chunked encoding — enable this option.
  5. Click Add channel.

  6. Copy the value from the Unique URL field.

Enable the channel

  1. Go back to JAICP.
  2. Click the  icon next to the name of the newly created channel and select Edit channel.
  3. In the External API Endpoint field, paste the value from the Unique URL field copied earlier when you were enabling the JivoChat service.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Choose an existing inbound channel which you want to connect the customer engagement platform to and go to the channel edit window.
  6. In the Agent field, select JivoChat and Save the changes.

Switch to an agent

Use the $response.replies.push method with a switch-typed reply to transfer the conversation to the agent from the script.