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Chatbot knowledge base (FAQ)

You can add commonly asked questions from customers to a knowledge base and provide corresponding answers for them.

Sometimes, customers may ask your bot a question that is not related to the current dialog. There is no provision for such a question in the script, but it can be included in the knowledge base. For example, a customer placing an order can ask about the company’s working hours or the cost of delivery. So the bot will be ready to give an answer to such questions.

How the knowledge base works

In general, when a customer asks a question that is not related to the current dialog but that has an answer in the knowledge base, the bot will pause the script and provide the answer. Then the bot will resume the script from where it left off.

When working with the knowledge base, there are two specific cases that are worth taking into account:

  • If a customer asks a question after the Text block, the bot will answer the question and repeat the answer from this block.

  • If a customer asks a question while the bot is waiting for input from the customer on the Intents block, the bot will answer it. However, the customer should still enter their response to continue the dialog.

Thus, if the customer asks a question after the Text block, the bot will proceed with the conversation. If their question comes after the Intents block, the customer should input the response themselves to continue the dialog.

Interaction with the knowledge base

The interface for working with the knowledge base depends on the tool you used to create the bot:

Knowledge base limits

The knowledge base can include up to 1,000 questions. This is usually more than enough for most cases.

Too many questions in the knowledge base may affect Aimylogic performance. If this is your case, you might consider switching to JAICP.

Advanced knowledge base in JAICP

If you feel that the knowledge base in Aimylogic doesn’t meet your requirements, you can use another one of our products — JAICP. It is an advanced tool that allows you to develop more complex bots. In this platform, you have the option to create an advanced knowledge base.

To get more information on JAICP, please contact us at

Send us an email with some information about your company and what you aim to achieve with your chatbot. Please specify the essential features that your bot requires, the channels you intend to use, and the expected number of unique users. We will be in touch to discuss your requirements and offer our expert guidance on these topics.