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Aimylogic provides you with the tools for creating scripts. These tools can be used not only for chatting with clients but also for making calls.

Aimylogic supports the following types of calls:

You can launch call campaigns for the pre-uploaded phone number lists or from a CRM system and get full reports on each campaign.

When processing calls, you spend minutes of outbound calls, and also minutes of speech synthesis and recognition. You can learn more about spending minutes in our article on call billing.

What can I find in this section?

We did our best to gather all information on calls that will help you start using Aimylogic telephony as soon as possible.

  • Outbound calls — how to create and mark up a script for a call campaign, how to launch a campaign, what statuses calls and call campaigns can have, and what information call reports contain.
  • Inbound calls — how to manage inbound calls in Aimylogic.
  • Telephony setup — how to set up and use your own SIP connection.
  • How to process more calls — how telephone servers are distributed when processing calls, which restrictions exist, and how to connect additional servers.
  • Calls API — how to integrate Aimylogic calls with third-party services.