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Sber Salut

Sber Salut is a family of virtual assistants from SberDevices which includes three characters: Sber, Afina, and Joy.

Salut works in Sberbank Online and Sber Salut mobile applications, and also on smart devices by SberDevices — SberBox and SberPortal.

To connect Sber Salut, follow the instructions.


To make your bot available for devices with Salut, you need to publish it in the SmartMarket app store.

The application that has been approved and published in SmartMarket is called a SmartApp.

How SmartApps work

A client gets access to the SmartApp via Salut assistants by saying an activation name that is the same as the SmartApp name by default. Also, you can add up to 5 additional names.

After that, the voice assistant switches the client to the conversation with the SmartApp, and all client questions are re-directed to the SmartApp.

SmartApp requirements

Each SmartApp goes through a review. Your SmartApp is checked for technical compliance, legal requirements, content requirements, etc.