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Searches for entities in the argument text.


The method accepts the text for parsing in the string argument and the show all flag. If the flag is:

  • true — all the hypotheses found are returned in the response.
  • false — the most probable hypothesis is returned.
$caila.entitiesLookup("", true)

A JSON object with the entities found in the phrase is returned in response. The result of search for entities in the phrase, with all the hypotheses returned:

"entity":"", // entity found
"startPos":0, // word position in the phrase
You can also use the custom clientId identifier as a method argument. Specify the clientId identifier as the last argument. When $caila.entitiesLookup() is executed, entities will be recognized for the specified client.

How to use

q!: entitiesLookup
$reactions.answer(JSON.stringify($caila.entitiesLookup("", true)));