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Overwrites all the records of an entity for a certain client.


The arguments accepted by the method are the name of the entity where the records are to be updated and parameters of the updated records:

$caila.setClientEntityRecords("EntityName", [{"type": "synonyms", "rule": [$parseTree.text], "value": $parseTree.text});
EntityNamestringYesName of the entity where the record is to be added.
typestringYesThe method used to specify the record value. Takes the following values: synonyms or pattern.
valuesringYesThe value associated with the record. Corresponds to the DATA field.
rulearray<string>YesThe set of rules describing the values that will be added as a record. For example: $parseTree._<SlotName>.
clientIdstringNoClient ID.
classifierTokenstringNoAPI key used to access an external trained classifier.

How to use

Update current records of an entity:

    state: prepare
q!: prepare
$caila.setClientEntityRecords("ClientEntity", [
{"type": "synonyms", "rule": ["one"], "value": "1"},
{"type": "synonyms", "rule": ["two"], "value": "2"},
{"type": "synonyms", "rule": ["three"], "value": "3"},
{"type": "synonyms", "rule": ["four"], "value": "4"},
{"type": "synonyms", "rule": ["five"], "value": "5"}