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Adds a record for a certain client to existing records of an entity.


The arguments accepted by the method are the name of the entity where the record is to be added, and also the record parameters:

$caila.addClientEntityRecords("EntityName", [{"type": "synonyms", "rule": [$parseTree.text], "value": $parseTree.text});
EntityNamestringYesName of the entity where the record is to be added.
typestringYesThe method used to specify the record value. Takes the following values: synonyms or pattern.
valuestringYesThe value associated with the record. Corresponds to the DATA field.
rulearray<string>YesThe set of rules describing the values that will be added as a record. For example: $parseTree._<SlotName>.
clientIdstringNoClient ID.
classifierTokenstringNoAPI key used to access an external trained classifier.

How to use

Add a contact:

    state: AddContact
intent!: /AddContact
$caila.addClientEntityRecords("Contact", [{"type": "synonyms", "rule": $parseTree._Name, "value": $parseTree._Number}]);
a: OK, contact {{$parseTree._Name}} added with a number {{$parseTree._Number}}