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This method retrieves excerpts from a document uploaded to a CDQA module in the knowledge base.


The method accepts the following arguments:

queryStringYesQuery text.
moduleNameStringYesCDQA module name, such as CDQA.Our courses.
thresholdNumberNoThe threshold which determines the minimum required confidence in the correctness of CDQA responses.
Its value should be between 0 (not included) and 1 (included). The default value is 0.5.
classifierTokenStringNoThe NLP Direct API key. The default value is the API key of the current project.
You should only pass this argument if the bot and the CDQA module are in different projects.
$caila.cdqaQuery("What is CDQA?", "CDQA.Knowledge base", 0.3);

The method returns an object with the following properties:

predictedStringThe CDQA response with the highest score higher than the threshold.
variantsArray of stringsA list of CDQA responses with a score higher than the threshold.
rawObjectThe full CDQA response body. It contains a list of all responses with metadata, as well as the excerpt from which they were retrieved.
If the CDQA query didn’t return any suitable response, the predicted value will be null, and variants will be an empty array.
"predicted": "a question answering system based on machine learning",
"variants": [
"a question answering system based on machine learning"
"raw": {
"output": [
"extracted_texts_list": [
"texts": [
"start_index": 47, // The position within `source_text` where the response begins
"end_index": 100, // The position within `source_text` where the response ends
"confidence": 0.65422564744949341, // The value of confidence in response correctness
"text": "a question answering system based on machine learning"
"start_index": 10,
"end_index": 42,
"confidence": 0.081722691655159,
"text": "Closed Domain Question Answering"
"source_text": "The CDQA (Closed Domain Question Answering) is a question answering system based on machine learning.",
"source_text_score": 0.265350878238678

How to use

Add the $caila.cdqaQuery method to the global state for handling unrecognized requests to enable the bot to use CDQA responses.

state: NoMatch
event!: noMatch
var result = $caila.cdqaQuery($request.query, "CDQA.Our courses", 0.5);
if (result.predicted) {
} else {
$reactions.answer("I didn’t find the answer in my documents. Ask something else!");