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How to create a knowledge base in the skill builder

If you created your bot using the skill builder, you can connect a knowledge base using the “Question answering (FAQ)” skill.


The skill builder has limited capabilities for the knowledge base. If you find yourself running short on them, you can use the knowledge base in the visual editor or FAQ modules in JAICP. In order to do this, you will need to create a new bot.

Adding the “Question answering (FAQ)” skill

To create a question and answer database, add the “Question answering (FAQ)” skill to the bot:

  1. Go to the Skills tab and click Add skill:

    Skill builder
  2. Select the Question answering (FAQ) skill:

    The “Question answering (FAQ)” skill
  3. Select the bot’s communication style and include company details. Provide also contact information.

    Company details
  4. Enter potential user inquiries and corresponding bot responses:

    Questions and answers
  5. Click Save and publish.

Skill testing

While working on the knowledge base, you can check whether the question in a particular phrase is correctly recognized. To do this, click Test your bot in the test widget on the right side of the page:

Skill testing