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The TransferCallToOperator action allows your bot to switch the call to an agent. This can be helpful when the bot cannot solve the customer request without human aid.

You can use this tag in scripts for both outbound and inbound calls (in this case, make sure that you have allowed inbound calls in your SIP connection and phone channel settings).

If you want to switch the dialog to an agent using JavaScript code snippets rather than action tags, use replies with the switch type in $response.replies instead.


phoneNumberStringAgent phone number.Yes
thenStringThe state the dialog will switch to if the call is switched to an agent successfully.No
timeoutStringAgent response timeout in seconds.
The default value is 60 seconds.
timeoutStateStringThe state the dialog will switch to if the call is not switched to an agent after the timeout expires.
If no state is specified, the bot will switch to errorState.
errorStateStringThe the dialog will switch to if an error occurs and the call cannot be switched to an agent.
If no state is specified, the bot will switch to the root theme /.

How to use

state: Switch
intent!: /Switch to agent
a: Hold on. I’m connecting you to one of our agents.
phoneNumber = 79123456789
timeout = 30
timeoutState = /Switch/Timeout
errorState = /Switch/Error

state: Timeout
a: Unfortunately, all our agents are busy at the moment. Is there anything I can help you with?

state: Error
a: Unfortunately, we cannot connect you with an agent. We’ll be sure to get back to you soon.