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Reaction tags

Reaction tags define the reactions executed upon entering a state.

aSends a text reply.
audioSends an audio file.
buttonsSends buttons used for making transitions to other states.
goExecutes a deferred transition to another state. Target state reactions are not executed, but the next request is processed in the context of this state.
go!Executes an immediate transition to another state.
These tags enable script branching: executing different reactions based depending on the defined conditions.
imageSends an image.
inlineButtonsSends inline buttons.
Clicking an inline button can either send some data or make the user follow a link. Inline buttons are displayed inside the dialog as chatbot responses rather than underneath it.
randomExecutes one randomly chosen reaction.
scriptExecutes JavaScript code.
timeoutSets an automatic transition to another state if there is no input from the user.
videoSends a video file.
newSessionDeprecated Creates a new session.