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Bot messages markup

You can use the markup to change the appearance of the chatbot messages in the chatwidget.

Bold & italics

You can use the * symbol to mark the text:

  • italics: *Example* — Example;
  • bold: **Example** — Example.

The selected element can be located in any part of a word of a sentence.


Depending on the styles, the horizontal line can appear like:

  • Line break: \n---\n.
  • Word wrap: \n.
  • A line break converted into tag <br/>: \n\n.


Bulleted list

For example, \n* apples \n* oranges \n* oranges will look like:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • oranges

Numbered list

For example, \n1. apples\n2. oranges \n3. pears will look like:

  1. apples
  2. oranges
  3. oranges
  • A link.

For example, [link]( will look like this link.

  • A quick answer.

A quick answer is a link. And after you click it, the text will be sent as if it was a text message from the user. Markup: [message text].

To open the link in the new tab, use <a href="" target="_blank">our website</a> instead of [our website]( This happens since regular link tags work in the chat widget work, and _blank works correctly.
The links that start with www appear correctly if you put them like this //