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IFTTT is a free service that can automate a lot of your routine tasks.

Aimylogic can use IFTTT to send the data received from the client to IFTTT-supported services.

For example, the bot can:

  • receive the client’s name, phone number, and address;
  • save information to a Google Sheet;
  • send a notification email or Telegram message.

You do not need to write code or connect to Google services or email servers. Everything is already configured on the IFTTT side. You will only need to create an IFTTT applet and add an HTTP request to your script.

An IFTTT applet is a small application that brings two services together and provides their quick integration. An applet is composed of a trigger, a query, and an action.

What can I use IFTTT for?

You can you the IFTTT service when you want to:

  • Send an email.
  • Write data to Google Sheets:
    • Add a line to a Google Sheet.
    • Write data to a cell in a Google Sheet.
  • Add a card to the Trello board.