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Bot settings

Settings is a tab located on the left sidebar of the bot page in the Aimylogic visual editor.

The Settings page has three tabs:

Basic settings

Basic settings include:

  • Bot name — edit the bot name you have set when creating it.
  • Webhook settings — specify webhook URLs that you receive from external services.
  • NLU settings:
    • Dictionaries — select a synonym dictionary that helps your bot understand similar phrases.
    • The classifier threshold — specify the minimum confidence level that determines how closely the client’s phrase matches the intent. If this threshold is reached, the bot accepts the client’s phrase.
  • Bot category — select a category for your bot.

The classifier threshold optimal value is 0.2.

  • If the bot accepts the client’s phrases in intents that do not match templates in the intent, increase the value of this indicator.
  • If the bot does not accept the client’s phrases in intents that match templates in the intent, reduce the value of this indicator.

In case any problems occur

In this section, you can customize your bot’s behavior in different situations:

  • The client says something that is not in the script. By default, the bot responds “Sorry, I can’t understand you” but you can:

    • Change the standard phrase and add others.
    • Generate bot responses using ChatGPT. To do this, add information about your company and fill in other required fields.
  • The client stops talking during the call — the client does not respond to the bot for a few seconds.

  • A technical issue occurred — there is a technical issue on the Aimylogic side.

  • Your account has run out of limits — you run out of unique users or call minutes.


In this section, you can connect your Google account to the bot to use the Google Sheets integration block in the script.

  1. Click Google account. You will be redirected to the page for connecting your Google account.
  2. Select an account and grant the necessary permissions.

Your account will appear in the integration list.

If you see the The integration is disabled error, it means the Google integration token has expired. If this happens:

  1. Go to your Google account → Data & privacyApps and services.
  2. Make sure that Aimylogic has all the permissions in the Third-party apps with account access section.
  3. Connect your Google account to Aimylogic again.

If this does not help, contact technical support.