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Managing blocks

From this article, you will know how to:

Creating new blocks

There are two ways to create a block:

Adding a block to an empty space in the script

When you add a block to an empty space in the script you also create a new screen.
  1. Hover the mouse pointer over an empty space in your script.
  2. Click Add screen button.
  3. Select the block you need from the list.
  4. Fill in the required block parameters.
  5. Click Save.

A new screen will be created with the added block.

Adding a block to an existing screen

  1. Click the Block button on the existing screen.
  2. Select the block you need from the list.
  3. Fill in the required block parameters.
  4. Click Save.

Why can’t I add some blocks to a screen?

Sometimes you cannot add a block to a screen. This can happen if you try to add a block that is incompatible with another block already added to your screen.

Aimylogic verifies that your script is structured properly and doesn’t allow you to use conflicting blocks on the screen.
Block sectionCompatibility
Bot responseAll available blocks
User saysBlocks from Bot response
The Timeout block
Extended capabilitiesBlocks from Bot response
The Timeout block
Actions, except the Timeout blockBlocks from Bot response

Block name

Each block has a name depending on its type. For example: TextIntentsHTTP request, etc.

You can rename a block if necessary. This can be useful in large scripts, as it helps you remember what each block does.

To rename the block:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the name of the block to rename it.
  2. Click and enter the new name.
  3. Press Enter or click any empty space in your script.

The name will be changed.

Copying and cutting a block

The block connections are not copied when copying and cutting the block.

In Aimylogic, you can cut a block from one screen and paste it into another. To do that:

  1. Hover over the block you need to copy. Click and select Copy block or Cut block.
Copy block
  1. Click in the upper right corner of the screen you want to paste the copied block to. Select Paste block.
Copy block
You can only paste a block to an existing screen. You cannot paste blocks as new screens.
  1. Now the block will appear in the target screen.
Copy block
If the block conflicts with other blocks on the selected screen, you won’t be able to paste the block over there.

How do I cancel cutting a block?

If you cut a block by mistake, press Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z for macOS) to return it to the screen.

How do I copy an entire screen with all its blocks?

To avoid a large number of errors in the script, copying an entire screen with all its blocks is not supported.

Using variables

You may need to get some data from the client or from an external system. The bot may later use this information to select its next steps in the script, send this information to an external service, etc.

Some blocks create named variables where data retrieved in this block is stored.

For example, the num to $var block will save the number client enters to the $number variable:

Using variables

This variable will be available from all screens of the script in the current client session.

To access the variable from another block, specify the $ character before the variable name.
Using variables