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How to display a specific cell in Google Sheets

To enable integration, you can also use the ready-made Google Sheets integration block.

In this article, you will learn how to display content of a specific Google Sheets cell in your script.

Let’s say you want to output the following cell:

Google Sheets cells

First of all, you need to specify this cell’s coordinates for the bot: a column and a row.

Specify a row

In the HTTP request block, set the variable:

_.findWhere($httpResponse, {"number": 1})

The expression uses the _.findWhere(list, properties) function of the Underscore.js library, which returns the first array element that matches the given properties.

Add the HTTP request block

You have specified a row number. In this case, the script will display a cell in the row of which the value of the number column is equal to 1.

Specify a column

In the Text block, specify $prediction.line, where line is the column from which you want to display data.

Add the HTTP request block

Display another cell

What needs to be changed to display data from another cell?

Display another cell

  1. In the HTTP request block, change the value of the variable to _.findWhere($httpResponse, {"number": 5}). That is, specify the row ID (in this case 5 from the number column).

  2. In the Text block, write $prediction.chance, where chance is the column ID.