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How to create a call campaign

To launch a call campaign:

  1. Create a bot for outbound calls in the Calls section.
  2. Configure a script and mark it up for analytics.
  3. Choose a call campaign type:
  4. Configure campaign settings and schedule.
  5. Start a campaign.

To launch a campaign, you should have a positive minute balance.

Aimylogic phone lines and numbers for outbound calls are currently available only for the Russian Federation. If you want to make calls to foreign phone numbers, use your own SIP connection.

Create a bot for outbound calls

To create a call campaign:

  1. Go to CallsCreate a botCall customersContinue:

  2. Specify the bot name. Also, you can change the language and project template if you want.

  3. Click Create.

Choose a call campaign type

On the Outbound campaigns tab, you can:

To make a test call or start a call campaign using Aimylogic telephony, verify your phone number and account. If you are using your own SIP connection, no verification is required.

Also, here you will see your minute balance and a list of all call campaigns for this script.

Campaign management

You can filter a list of campaigns by:

  • campaign status;
  • campaign type, either a campaign by a number list or a campaign from a CRM system.

For each campaign, you can use either Aimylogic telephony or your own SIP connection.

You can use the same SIP connection in several call campaigns.

To add your own connection, click the telephony field next to a call campaign and select Add new connection:

Call campaigns

After you start a campaign, you will not be able to change the telephony type.

Campaign by a phone number list

To configure a campaign by a number list:

  1. Click Create in the Campaign by number list section. You will be transferred to a call campaign page.

  2. To download a template for a number list, click Download file in the Phone number list section.

  3. Fill out a spreadsheet:

    • In the first column, specify customers’ phone numbers.
    • Add no more than 10,000 lines. If you add duplicates, they will be deleted but you will see them in the error report. The error report will be available after you upload a phone number list.
    If you use Aimylogic telephony, specify all numbers in the 79ххххххххх format. If you use 89ххххххххх or +79ххххххххх format, phone numbers will be automatically changed to the required format.
    If you use your own SIP connection, you can use any phone number format.
  4. Upload a file with numbers:

    • The file should have .xls, .xlsx, or .csv format.
    • The file size should not exceed 2 MB.

You can manage campaigns by a phone number list using the Calls API: start and stop call campaigns and add phone numbers to them. Copy the campaign token in the Integration section and paste it into the query string of the required method.

Campaign from a CRM system

If you want to launch a campaign when a trigger from a CRM system is activated:

  1. Click Create in the Campaign from CRM system section on the Outbound campaigns page. You will be transferred to a call campaign page.

  2. Copy the token in the Integration section.

    Get token

  3. To configure integration with a CRM system, use this token in the Calls API methods.

Configure campaign settings and schedule

After you have uploaded a phone number list or added a trigger from a CRM system, go to the Settings and schedule section on the campaign page and configure the following options:

  • Call attempts. If the customer does not answer the call, the bot will call them again. You can specify from 1 to 3 attempts.
  • Pause between attempts, should be specified in minutes.
  • Voice for synthesis. To listen to the voice, click .
  • When to call customers. The bot will call customers within the specified time intervals for each day of the week.
  • Use customer local time. If you enable this option, the bot will automatically determine the time zone for customers with Russian phone numbers. ? > If you disable this option or launch a campaign to foreign phone numbers, customers will receive calls according to your local time.
  • Schedule call campaign. If you enable this option, you can choose the day of the week and the time interval when a campaign will be launched.

Check your minute balance

Make sure you have a positive minute balance. Otherwise, the campaign will not be launched.

On the call campaign page, you can see how many minutes you have already spent on this campaign.

Call billing starts from the first second the customer answers your call including cases when a call is redirected to an answering machine. The time value is rounded up to 15 seconds.

If you run out of minutes:

  • The current call will not be terminated and the bot will finish the call according to the script. In this case, the minute balance will go negative.
  • The campaign will be paused automatically until you top up your balance.

You can also buy an additional minute package before starting a call campaign or during a campaign if you are about to run out of minutes.

Start a campaign

On the campaign page, click Start.

You will see a window where you need to confirm a campaign start. Accept the terms of use and click Start campaign.

If you have scheduled a call for another date, it will start at the specified time.