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Customer support

If you did not find the answer to your question in the documentation, please contact our customer support team: They will provide you with the information and help to solve the issue.

How to describe a problem

  1. Provide details:
    • The environment where the problem is reproduced, for example, or
    • The email or the name that was used to register the account.
    • The project name where the problem is reproduced.
    • Steps to reproduce the problem.
    • The time and the number of accounts where the problem occurred.
    • A link to the dialog if the problem occurred in a specific dialog. Go to the AnalyticsDialogs → Sessions and open the necessary dialog. Copy the link from the browser.
  2. Attach a screenshot or a screencast if it is possible. This can help the support team to catch on much quicker.


Project name: Pizza bot.
Problem: My bot doesn’t work in Telegram.
Expected behavior:
Open the “Pizza bot” project → write /start → the bot sends a welcome message.
Actual behavior:
Open the “Pizza bot” project → write /start → the bot doesn’t reply.
Time and scale: Since 12 pm none of the clients have received any.

Where can I find my requests

You can view all your requests on the customer support portal.


If you had an account on our previous portal, you need to change the password via Forgot your password.