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Operator API

Operator API is the REST API that can be used to integrate customer engagement platforms with JAICP.

You can use the Operator API to connect any customer engagement platform to the chatbot project created on JAICP. When the agent application is integrated with the platform, data received by the chatbot during the conversation with the client is sent to the application.

You can use API methods to:

  • Send a message or a file link to an agent.
  • Select a group of agents for message processing.
  • Pass additional client info to an agent.
  • Subscribe to notifications used by the Operator API to notify about messages for the client, delivery of client messages, message closed by an agent or other events.

Getting started

Method support

For Operator API integration, you will need to create a web server that supports requests:

POST {apiUrl}/setWebhookThe method sets the URL where events will be routed to be processed by JAICP.
GET{apiUrl}/getDestinationsGet available agent groups where events can be routed to.
POST{apiUrl}/selectDestinationCreate a session between the chatbot client and the selected agent.
POST {apiUrl}/sendTextThe client sent a message to the chat with the agent.
POST {apiUrl}/sendFileThe client sent a file to the chat with the agent.
POST {apiUrl}/closeChatThe client closed the chat with the agent.
For Operator API integration, specify the web server URL (apiUrl) where Operator API requests will be routed to.

{apiUrl}/setWebhook will receive a request containing the url field in its body. The value of that field is JAICP webhook you need to route events to according to the specification.

Connect the channel

Sign in to JAICP and go to your project. Click Channels > Customer engagement platforms > Connect channel in the control panel. Select Operator API.

Fill out the following fields:

  • Name — specify the channel name.
  • API URL — the URL where Operator API requests will be routed to.

Click Create.

Select an existing inbound channel and open the edit window. Select the customer engagement platform from the list in the Agent field > click Save.