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The event! trigger tag declares an event by which the dialog can enter a state.

This is a global tag: transitions by this tag can be made from anywhere in the script.


An event name is specified after the tag. Refer to the Events section to learn more about events supported in JAICP DSL.

How to use

  • Time limit for request processing exceeded:

    state: TimeLimit
    event!: timeLimit
    a: Sorry, something’s broken. Try asking me again.
  • Speech not recognized:

    state: CatchAll || noContext = true
    event!: speechNotRecognized
    a: Sorry, I couldn’t hear you.
    a: May I ask you to repeat that?
    a: Could you repeat that, please?
    a: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your answer.
    a: Would you like to take us up on our offer?