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Telegram is a popular cross-platform messenger.

Telegram users can talk not just to each other or in group chats, but also to Telegram bots. In the dialog list, dialogs with bots look just like any other dialog. Your bot can process orders, send updates about delivery statuses, receive payments, and do a lot of other things.

How to publish your bot in Telegram

Register your bot

For your bot to start working in Telegram, you have to register it first. To do this, open Telegram and search for botfather. It’s the official bot for bot registration. Follow the hints to register your bot. botfather will provide you with a token you’ll have to copy to clipboard.

Publish your Aimylogic bot

  • In Aimylogic, go to your bot Channels settings.
  • Pick Telegram from the list.
  • In the pop-up window, paste the token you’ve copied earlier into the Token field.
  • Click Connect.

Telegram in the channel list

Connecting the Telegram channel

You can now open Telegram and check how your bot works there.

To do this, follow the link botfather provided. This will be the permanent link for your Telegram chatbot.