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In Aimylogic, you can create integration with Bitrix24. Your bots will be able to:

  • save and update client data;
  • transfer the dialog to the agent;
  • perform other tasks.

Bitrix24 details

Private and general chats are one of the main communication channels between clients and agents.

If you connect the Bitrix24 channel, all other integrations should be configured on the Bitrix24 side, not in Aimylogic.


robot is a pre-planned algorithm for processing leads and deals. The robot is launched when an item is moved to a particular status.

You can use Aimylogic chatbots with Bitrix24 robots at any deal stage or lead status.

If you do not connect a chatbot to a lead or a deal, the main script you have specified in the Open channels settings will be activated.

Open channels

Open channels gather messages from different channels, store them in Bitrix24 and CRM, and distribute them among employees.

A lot of different channels are available, e.g., Telegram or Viber.

Bitrix24 restrictions

When working with Bitrix24, consider the following restrictions:

  • Bitrix24 does not support buttons.
    • If you add buttons to the script for Bitrix24, the clients will not see them.
    • To get client reactions, you can use intents.
  • Aimylogic supports up to 5 bots published in Bitrix24 at the same time.
  • If you publish your bot both in Bitrix24 and any other channel, you will get two different chatbots that will not be integrated with each other.
  • If you use Open channels in the Bitrix24 integration, sending images via the Image block is not available.

Connect your chatbot to Bitrix24

To connect your Aimylogic chatbot to Bitrix24:

  1. Create a script.
  2. Add Aimylogic to Bitrix24.
  3. Publish Aimylogic chatbot in Bitrix24.

Create a script

Create a script according to the Bitrix24 restrictions.

Learn more about scripts and chatbot creation.

Dialog start

In Bitrix24, only clients can start a conversation with the bot. To start each dialog after any client’s phrase, add a global $TEXT intent.

  1. Click Add screen → Create your own intent.
  2. Add $TEXT as a template.
  3. Enable Make the block available from any script point.
  4. Connect this intent with the welcome screen in your script.
Do not connect the Other intents option with other screens.

From now on, the bot will start the dialog as soon as the client writes the first message.

Handle unpredictable client messages

To make your bot respond to client messages that are not intended in the script, add another $TEXT intent.

From the Other intents option, create a screen with a response for the case the bot does not recognize the client’s phrase.

This time, do not enable Make the block available from any script point.
Otherwise, the global $TEXT intent configured to start the dialog will not catch phrases from other screens and transfer the dialog to the welcome screen.

System variables

You can use system variables when working with Bitrix24 Open channels:

  • $ — client’s ID in the Bitrix24 CRM.
  • $ — client’s name in the Bitrix24 CRM.
  • $bitrix.params — current dialog data.

Transfer to agent

You can use Bitrix24 as a customer engagement platform as well.

First, configure the Bitrix24 channel, then add the Transfer to agent block to your script. Bitrix24 will be automatically specified as the customer engagement platform.

Also, you can transfer the dialog to a particular agent.

If you still do not have an agent account in Bitrix24:

  1. In Bitrix24, go to the Employees tab.
  2. Click Invite users.
  3. Click Copy link.
  4. Send this link to the employee who will communicate with your clients.
  5. Wait until your employee follows the link, signs up, and joins your Bitrix24.

To get your employee’s identifier, find your employee on the Employees page and go to their profile. In the address bar, you will see the link that looks like:

The number at the end of the link is your employee’s identifier. Here, the identifier is 12. Specify this identifier in the User ID field when configuring the Transfer to agent block in Aimylogic.

After transferring the dialog to the agent, the client cannot be transferred back to their dialog with the bot. Bitrix24 does not provide this option.
You can use Webim (Custom Channel API) or LiveTex as a customer engagement platform instead.

Close the chat in Bitrix24

To handle the end of the conversation, add the End of script block.

As soon as the bot goes to this part of the script, the current chat will be closed in Bitrix24.

Add our app to Bitrix24

  1. Sign in to your account in Bitrix24.
  2. In the sidebar, go to More → Market.
  3. Find the Aimylogic application in a marketplace. When configuring the application, log in to your Aimylogic account.

After the app is installed, a sample chatbot will be added to your chatbot list. It will be immediately available in Bitrix24.

Publish your script in Bitrix24

  1. Go to Aimylogic.
  2. In the script, go to the Channels tab.
  3. Select Bitrix24 and Open channels.
  4. Configure the following parameters:
    • Bitrix24 bot name — specify the name to be displayed in the dialogs with the clients.
    • Bot avatar — upload an image to be displayed in the dialogs with your clients.
    • Open Channels — enable the option if you want to use the bot in Bitrix24 via Open channels.
    • Enable the bot manually — enable this option if you want to enable the bot manually.
      In this case, you will not be able to use the bot for the first line support.
    • Channel name — specify the name for the Bitrix24 channel or use the default one.
  5. Click Connect and wait a few moments for the channel to be connected.

Now your chatbot will be available from your Bitrix24 account.