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Manage groups and users

To proceed to managing groups and users in Aimychat, click on the sidebar.

Only Aimychat account administrators see the Settings page.


You can group agents, for example, by occupation: tier 1 help desk support, commercial department, Spanish-speaking agents.

Create group

If you want to add users to a group while creating it, these users should be invited to Aimychat first.
  1. On the SettingsGroups tab, click Add group.
  2. Specify a name for a new group. Please bear in mind that your customers will see the group name in messages like:
    • Alex (Tier 1 Help Desk Support) has joined the chat.
    • The chat is assigned to the group: Tier 1 Help Desk Support.
  3. Add necessary agents to the group. If you use JAICP, you can assign one of them as the default agent in that group.
  4. Click Add.

Once created, groups are assigned a numeric ID that you can find under the group name. You will need it if you are planning to set up transferring to this group from JAICP or Aimylogic.

Edit group

  1. On the SettingsGroups tab, click in the line with the desired group.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Click Save.

Delete group

On the SettingsGroups tab, click in the line with the necessary group.

If some projects use this group by default, the bot will stop transferring customer requests to agents and an error will occur in the script. See the Aimylogic or JAICP documentation to learn more about configuring default agent groups.


Invite users to Aimychat and add them to the appropriate groups, so that the users can join chats.

Invite user

You can invite a user to an agent group via Aimychat (if the user is already registered) or Conversational Cloud.

  1. Go to Aimychat.
  2. On the SettingsUsers tab, select Invite user.
  3. Select the Administrator or Agent role and specify the user login.

Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be added to Aimychat.

Add user to a group

To have an existing Aimychat user start accepting dialogs, add them to the appropriate agent group on the SettingsGroups tab. When they log into Aimychat, they will immediately have access to the dialogs and group settings.

When adding a user to a group, you can also select a group in which they will be the default agent. This agent will accept all dialogs of the group if the Automatically assign chats parameter is activated.

Edit user

  1. On the SettingsUsers tab, click in the line with the necessary user.
  2. Make the changes.
  3. Click Save.

Delete user

On the SettingsUsers tab, click in the line with the necessary user.

If the deleted user has chats in progress, they will be forwarded to the group queue, and the closed chats will be in the History tab.