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How to add more than 12 buttons

In Aimylogic the maximum number of buttons on a single screen is 12. What should you do if you need more?

You can use the More and Back buttons to solve this issue:

How can I do that?

You can add more buttons in the Aimylogic visual editor in the following way:

  1. Create two screens and for each screen add text blocks containing the question you want to ask the user.
  2. Add 11 buttons with answer options to the first screen and also add the More button as the last one.
  3. Add buttons with the remaining answer options to the second screen and add the Back button as the last one.
  4. Connect the More button with the second screen, then connect the Back button with the first screen.

The bot answers “Sorry, I can’t understand you”

If you only use buttons without using Intents, the bot may reply “Sorry, I can’t understand you” to any other user input:

To avoid this, we strongly recommend using Intents together with buttons: