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Creating a JAICF project

JAICF is an open-source framework from Just AI that can be used to develop voice assistants and chatbots using a Kotlin-based DSL.

Learn more about JAICF concepts and features before you start.

How to create a project

To create a project using JAICF:

  1. Go to the JAICP main page and select + Create project.
  2. In the bottom of the page, select Create JAICF project.
  3. Select External hosting service as the runtime environment.
As of November 2022, running JAICF projects in JAICP cloud is no longer supported. Use other hosting options instead.
  1. Fill in the fields:
    • Project name — the project name, required field.
    • NLU language — the language the bot will understand.
  2. Select Next, then do the following on the Host the project page:
    1. Clone a template from the JAICF repository.
    2. Copy the API token and paste it into the bot code.
    3. Select one of the ways to connect to the platform:
      • long polling — the bot will automatically connect to the Just AI server to interact with the platform;
      • webhook — the bot will accept messages from the platform at the specified URL.
  3. Select Create project.

You will be redirected to the project page. Now you can test your bot in one of the channels.

Classifier and NLU configuration

NLU will be used when the bot connects to the platform. To configure NLU, select Project properties on the top navigation bar:

  • On the Classifier tab, you can configure the classifier algorithm, NLU language, spellchecker settings, and the timezone that affects entity parsing.
  • On the NLU settings tab, you can override the advanced NLU settings set by default. The settings are passed as a JSON object.