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Protection of repositories with guest access


Guest access is one of the ways to access JAICP projects stored in external repositories. It can only be enabled in on-premise JAICP installations.

By default, guest access does not require authorization to allow repository read and write permissions. Use a private key to protect your data.

How it works

  1. Create a .justaikey file in the master branch of the repository root directory.
  2. Generate a private key or come up with your own, then write it to this file.
  3. Specify this key when you create or edit your project.

Every time the repository is accessed, the key from the project settings is compared with the real one. If there is a mismatch, access to the repository from JAICP will be blocked.

Protection conditions

Repository protection will not work if:

  • The .justaikey file does not exist, even with the key specified in the project settings.

  • The .justaikey file is not in the root directory of the master branch.

  • The .justaikey file is empty.

  • The project is not stored in an external repository with guest access.

    If the project is stored locally or if you use your own account for authorization, the key will not be verified.