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FAQ import and export

To work with FAQ modules, you can use a spreadsheet editor as well as the JAICP web interface. You can export a module to an XLSX file, modify it as needed, and then import it back.

Exporting and importing modules allows reusing the same module across different projects. Additionally, if you have your own dataset which you want to use in the knowledge base, you can convert it to the necessary format by yourself and import it to a module just as well.

How to import and export modules

A module can be imported as a file in the necessary format:

  • When creating a new module using the From file option.

  • Into an already existing module by clicking on the side panel.

    When you upload the file, all questions and answers in the current module will be overwritten.

To export an existing module, click on the side panel.

Imported file requirements

  • Extension: XLS or XLSX.

  • Max number of rows: 10,000.

  • The first spreadsheet row should contain the following headers: Group, Question, Enabled, Alternative phrases‑Text, Alternative phrases‑Patterns, Answer<its sequence number>, Answer Type<its sequence number Answer>.

  • Each row starting from the second contains data on one of the FAQ questions:

    ColumnCell valueNote
    GroupThe group the question belongs to
    QuestionThe primary question phraseThis value cannot be empty.
    Exception: if you want to create an empty group without any questions, Question can be empty, but the Group column is required.
    EnabledTRUE or FALSE
    Alternative phrases-TextAlternative question phrasesOne cell can contain multiple phrases, separated from each other with a new line character (Alt + Enter).
    Alternative phrases-PatternsPatterns used as question phrasesOne cell can contain multiple patterns, separated from each other with a new line character (Alt + Enter).
    AnswerThe answer to the questionThe answer can include up to 20 messages, and each message has its own sequence number. Sequence numbers determine the order of messages when the bot replies to a user.
    Answer Typetext, image, audio, or fileThis column is optional.