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JAICP updates in April 2024


  • Check random responses during bot quality evaluation.
  • Pattern activation threshold.
  • Themes in J‑Graph.
  • New system entities for the Kazakh language.
  • The questionID field in dialog history.

Check random responses during bot quality evaluation

You can specify all possible phrase variants in the dialog set to test random bot responses.

Pattern activation threshold

By default, patterns in the q and q! tags are taken into account with any weight.

A pattern with a low weight is triggered unless there is a pattern with a higher weight. In such cases, you could, for example, use the selectNLUResult handler to exclude patterns with low weights.

Now, you can set a minimum threshold value for patterns using the patternNoMatchThreshold parameter in chatbot.yaml.

Themes in J‑Graph

Now you can divide states into multiple themes to make the script structure simpler and to speed up J‑Graph.

New system entities for the Kazakh language

Now, in the Kazakh language projects, you can recognize dates, time, and numbers written out in full. To do this, use the new system entities: zb.datetime and zb.number.

The questionID field in dialog history

The chatHistoryJson() method returns the dialog history in JSON format.

Now messages contain the questionID field. You can use this field to determine which message the bot responded to.