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Account management

In Conversational Cloud, you can create independent accounts and invite users (developers, managers, analysts, and other specialists) to work on projects together.

The Accounts page displays all accounts where the user is the owner or a member. After signing up, each user owns one default account.

Users can work in different accounts and freely switch between them. In each account, users can have a different set or roles that determine their permissions.

Create account

  1. Select Create account in the top right corner.
  2. Enter the name of the new account.
  3. Select Create.
As of now, Conversational Cloud doesn’t support account deletion.

Select the account card to go to account management.

Invite users

You can invite new users to the account as well as registered Conversational Cloud users. In the cloud version, one account can have up to 250 users.


Aimylogic and Aimyvoice don’t support accounts having multiple users. In these products, users can only work using a single account — the one they own initially.

Send invitation

  1. Select Invite user in the top right corner of the account page.
  2. Assign roles to the user.
  3. Enter their email or login (if they have already signed up for Conversational Cloud).
  4. Select Invite.

The new user will appear on the Invitations tab.

The account owner or a user with the USER_ADMIN role can edit the invited user roles or revoke the invitation at any time.

Accept invitation

To accept the invitation to the account, the user should:

  1. Sign in to Conversational Cloud.
  2. In the Invitations section of the Accounts page, select Accept in the account card.

The invitation is valid for a week. Once this time has expired (or the user has rejected the invitation), a new one should be sent.