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How to use a voice

There are several options to use voices:

On the main page

You can try creating a dialog between Aimyvoice speakers right on the main page for free.

Not all speakers from the catalog are available on the main page. In total, no more than 7 phrases can be voiced in the dialog with no more than 100 characters in each.

Sign up on the platform to get full access to all voices and synthesize longer texts.

In Aimyvoice projects

Once signed up, you will be able to voice texts in Aimyvoice projects. Project benefits:

  • All voices are available; there are no limits on the number of phrases, and each can have up to 500 characters.
  • It is possible to change the voice features and rearrange the phrases.
  • You can download the generated audio files.


Signing up allows you to synthesize speech via API requests. Sending requests will require a token that is unique to your account and each voice.

To get a token, select the desired voice in the catalog and click Connect via API.

Use the API if you want to use voices in third-party applications, for example, integrate them into voice assistants.

In JAICP and Aimylogic

JAICP and Aimylogic are dialog project development platforms by Just AI. They also allow you to develop bots for calls that help automate outbound call campaigns and processing inbound calls.

You can use certain Aimyvoice voices for speech synthesis in bots for calls. Learn more about this in the product documentation: