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Wazzup as an inbound channel

Wazzup is a service that allows you to connect channels such as Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as set up integration with CRM systems, such as Bitrix24 or AmoCRM.

To set up a channel and connect a bot:

  1. Set up integration with Wazzup.
  2. Connect Wazzup to JAICP.
  3. Test the bot.

Step 1. Set up integration with Wazzup

  1. Sign up or log in to the Wazzup dashboard.
  2. Go to the Channels tab and click Add a channel.
  3. Select a channel.
  4. Configure your channel as required.
  5. Go to the Integration with CRM → API section.
  6. You will be prompted to add an API integration. Click Connect.
  7. Copy the API key from the window that appears. You will need it for channel setup in JAICP. You can then find the API key under the CRM Integration → More tab.
Learn more about how to connect any available messenger in the Wazzup documentation.

Step 2. Connect Wazzup to JAICP

  1. In JAICP, open your bot project.

  2. In the menu on the left, click Channels, then Connect channel in the Inbound section.

  3. In the Messengers and social networks section, select Wazzup.

  4. Specify the settings:

    • Name — a channel name.

    • Token — an API key obtained from Wazzup.

    • Branch — a project branch you want to deploy into the channel. master is a default branch. You can also select a Git tag or enter a commit hash.

    • Agent — a customer engagement platform (if you want to enable your bot to transfer dialogs to an agent when necessary). It should be configured and connected to your project.

    • Deploy — a way to publish the project:

      • Automatically, after you save the changes into the project.
      • Manually, with the Publish button in the channel description line.
      You have to deploy a script before starting the bot. At this stage, the system builds the bot, checks the script syntax, and performs tests.
  5. Click Create.

  6. Wait for the pop-up window with the deployment results.

Step 3. Test your bot

Open the channel you connected the bot to. Send a welcome / an activating phrase stated in your script to the bot. After that, your dialog with the bot starts.

Wazzup features

  • Wazzup allows you to connect several inbound channels simultaneously. But, it will be only one channel in JAICP—Wazzup, since one API key is used. Thus, if one user writes to several channels (for example, both in Telegram and WhatsApp), then that user will have only one bot’s session in JAICP.

  • Wazzup has a number of features and limitations on bot reactions. See Channel features and restrictions for more details.