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Conversational Cloud documentation versions

Conversational Cloud documentation updates are released synchronously with corresponding product updates. If you are a user of the public Conversational Cloud installation, you can always refer to the current documentation version, which contains the latest information.

Alternatively, Conversational Cloud can be installed on your own infrastructure. On-premise installations are distributed as LTS (long-term support) releases. On this page, you can switch the documentation to the version relevant for your LTS release.

VersionRelease dateEnd of life date
Current version
1.12.6 (LTS-11)February 27, 2024February 27, 2025
1.12.4 (LTS-10)November 24, 2023November 24, 2024
1.12.2 (LTS-9)August 15, 2023August 15, 2024
1.12.0 (LTS-8)April 27, 2023April 27, 2024