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JAICP release 1.11.4


  • Getting the current JAICP version from the script.


  • SMS sender ID customization.
  • Script autosave in local storage.
  • Mock integration calls from XML tests.

Getting the current JAICP version

You can now retrieve metadata about the current version of JAICP from the bot script. Use the new $jsapi.version method to do this.

SMS sender ID customization

Starting from release 1.10.6, JAICP has had support for sending SMS messages from the bot script. All messages are sent using the default provider configuration, which makes the sender ID to be displayed as “NftService” in the message list.

This release makes it possible to customize the sender ID into something more suitable for your project. Contact us at for setup instructions.

Script autosave in local storage

If you run into issues with your Internet connection when writing code in the script editor, now you can carry on working without the risk of losing your progress.

New changes to the code will be saved in local storage automatically and uploaded back to the server when the connection is restored.

Only the file which is currently open can be edited locally. Switching between files is disabled until back online.

Integration mocks

You might be familiar with the <mockData> tag, which is used in XML tests to set up mock HTTP requests from the bot script.

Using the new <mockService> tag, you can now do the same for the $integration built-in service to emulate requests to the Google Sheets API.