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Aimylogic release 1.11.4


  • The Calls section redesign.
  • The Telegram payment block.
  • The Dialogs section redesign.

The Calls section redesign

We have redesigned the Calls section.

When creating a bot for calls, you need to choose what you are going to use your bot for — either for call campaigns or for receiving inbound calls.

Outbound telephony

In the scripts for outbound telephony, you can create a call campaign by a phone number list or from a CRM system.

For each campaign, you can specify the days of the week and time intervals for outbound calls.

On the campaign page, you will see analytics on call statuses and the number of minutes that you have already spent on this campaign. Also, here you can start, pause, and finish the campaign.

Inbound telephony

In each script for inbound telephony, you can choose a SIP connection and start or finish receiving inbound calls.

The Telegram payment block

We have added the Telegram payment block to the block menu. You can use it to get payments from Telegram users via the built-in Telegram Bot Payments service. This service is integrated with various payment providers.

The bot will send the invoice to the chat with the client. When configuring the block, you can add your item description, choose the currency, and specify whether the client can forward the payment link to other Telegram users.

The Dialogs section redesign

We have redesigned the Dialogs page that is available for each script.

For each client who has talked with the bot, you will see the date and time of their first and last messages to the bot.

The filters have also been improved:

  • New Client enrollment time and Client last activity time filters have been added.
  • The Phrase filter has been expanded. You can use it to display dialogs with messages which:
    • contain the phrase;
    • consist only of the specified phrase;
    • do not contain the phrase.
  • The Message date and time filter has been improved.

Also, in the scripts for calls, you can download and listen to audio recordings of not only the whole conversation but also of each client’s answer.