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Other methods to deploy a bot in Instagram

Except connecting the bot directly to Instagram Direct, you can also connect your bot:

You will need an Instagram Business Account connected to a Facebook Page in order to connect your Aimylogic chatbot to Instagram.

Deploy a bot to Instagram comments

By connecting your Instagram account to Bitrix24, you will have all your clients comments in one place, and you can be sure you will not miss a single reply.

You will save yourself the trouble of answering the same questions over and over again by connecting the Aimylogic chatbot to comment processing.

For integration, you will need the following:

  • Connect your Instagram Business Account to Bitrix24. See the Bitrix24 website for detailed guidance.
  • Deploy your Aimylogic chatbot to Bitrix24.

Deploy a bot to Instagram Direct

End-to-end automation of client inquiry processing requires more than just monitoring comments. You can also use Bitrix24 to process incoming messages in Instagram Direct, although not directly but via the Wazzup app.

Add the Wazzup app to Bitrix24

In your Bitrix24 account, go to Contact CenterPartner SolutionsMarket, find Wazzup in the list of available applications and install it.

Configure Wazzup side integration

Now, you need to configure your connection in Wazzup. Sign up in the service, create a new Instagram channel and connect your Instagram account.

After the channel is created, you will be able to rename it and choose where to use it: private messages only, comments only, or both.

If you need more details on how to connect the channel, you can read Wazzup documentation.

After you connect the channel and save its settings, go to Integrations. Create a new integration by selecting Bitrix24.

Enter your Bitrix24 address which is the URL you see after you sign in to Bitrix24.

Configure Open channels

Open channels should be configured directly in Wazzup. Configure your Bitrix24 integration after you add the desired Instagram account and the integration.

  1. Make sure you select the desired Instagram account as the Channel for this integration.
  2. Select the desired channels from the list of open channels. E.g. Instagram Direct if you plan to connect your bot only to Direct messages of your Instagram account.
  3. Check other settings and make sure the selected options are OK.
  4. Save the settings.

Add the bot to Bitrix24

Look for Wazzup Instagram in the Bitrix24 Contact Center. If you had this page open, refresh it.

Open the channel settings, go to Chatbots and select the bot you deployed to Aimylogic in the Bitrix24 channel. Save your changes.

Test operation

All is set! Your integration is ready to go.

Just like with any other integration, test your chatbot in Instagram to make sure it works.

Deploy a bot to Instagram Direct and Instagram Stories

If you are using the JivoChat channel, you can configure the Instagram integration on the JivoChat side. The bot connected to Instagram via JivoChat will receive direct messages, mentions, and replies to your Instagram Stories.

You can connect Instagram to JivoChat by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to JivoChat and log in to the account connected to your Aimylogic account.
  2. In the sidebar, go to ManageChannels and choose the Instagram channel.
  3. On the new page, click Add Instagram.
  4. Click Log in With Facebook and log in to your Facebook account: choose an Instagram Business account and a Facebook Page connected to an Instagram account. Give all the permissions.
  5. After you log in to Facebook, choose your Instagram account to be connected to JivoChat and click Connect.

Now your bot will communicate with your clients on Instagram.

Test your bot to make sure everything is working correctly.