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Projects are the main Aimyvoice interface for speech synthesis.

In projects, you can use any voice from the catalog or several at once, for example, to create a dialog between different speakers. You can download audio with voiced texts.

How to create a project

  1. Sign in to Aimyvoice.
  2. Click My Page on the tab bar.
  3. Click Create project.

How to synthesize text

  1. Create a new project or open an existing one.

  2. Enter text in the synthesis field or generate it with AI Creator.

  3. Click on the left and select the voice you want to synthesize text with.

  4. Click on the right to synthesize and voice the text.

    Each synthesis request debit funds from your account. The cost depends on the selected voice: you can see it on the voice card in the catalog.
  5. Click to the right of the synthesis button and select Download to download the synthesized phrase as an audio file.

You can play and download the selected phrase or all the phrases using the player at the bottom of the page. All project phrases can be downloaded as a single WAV audio file or several files in a ZIP archive.

Text generation

To create texts for synthesis faster, use AI Creator. Artificial intelligence will generate texts for you. To use it:

  1. Go to the desired project from the My projects page.

  2. In the top right corner, select AI Creator.

  3. Fill in the fields on the new panel:

    • Content type — for example, a text for a product presentation (pitch deck) or for a product ads video.
    • Brand or product name (optional).
    • What do you want to tell people about? — describe what the text should be about.
    • Characters in the option (maximum 1,000 including spaces).
    • Number of options (maximum — 3).
    • Text tone — select a writing style.
    • Language.
  4. Click Generate.

After a few seconds, AI Creator will offer you its options. You can copy the text or add it to the project. Edit it if necessary or synthesize it right away.

Synthesis settings

It is possible change how the text sounds via the settings in the right menu. These settings apply to the entire text.

Synthesis settings: speech pace, volume, pitch, and style

One project can contain any number of voiceover texts. Each text can have its own voice and settings.

Phrase presets

A preset is a set of synthesis settings for a phrase that can be used for other phrases.

Create your first phrase preset and click Save. When synthesizing the next phrase, select this preset from the list.

Adding a preset Selecting a preset

Text requirements

  • Your text must be in English.
  • Length limit: 1 to 500 characters excluding markup.
  • Allowed special characters: € £ ₽ $ % № # & - — – + * = . , ! ? ; : " ` ' ° \ / ( ) < > « » ± ^.


The History tab displays the entire change history of the selected phrase.

You can synthesize the selected version, listen to it, and download its audio recording. You can also play the previously synthesized versions of the phrase and download it for free.

Current version Synthesized version


The history stores phrase versions over the past 30 days, audio recordings of the last 10 synthesized phrases in the last 30 days, and all audio recordings in the last 24 hours.